Jeff The Killer

Jeff The Killer Description

The plot of the game is that you're a cop. You need to find boxes across certain levels and get back into the police car after obtaining a certain number of boxes. I.E. the maximum number of items needed to advance is 8. just like in Slender. 

-Awesome textures
-Hallucinations look realistic, but not esthetically pleasing to the eye. 
-Makes you scream at even the littlest of things.. xD
-Say a random thing and Jeff will pop out... (check the video below from 4:45)
-Makes u grow some balls to play it..

-Jeff the Killer model is a bit.. yucky..
-Jeff the Killer randomly teleports.. which is kind of annoying..>>
-Game is too hard.. needs a map for finding items.
-Items are either too far away, or randomly scattered, which is frustrating for the gamer.
- One battery..>>

Improvements needed:
-Get Mr. Creepy Pasta to voice act as Jeff the Killer.
-Make it a map based, so it could be easily to find items.
-Batteries included.. make a loooooot of batteries
-The models could use more tweaking, especially Jeff the Killer model.

** WARNING 18+ CONTAINS HORROR THEMES **Rated the most horrifying game of 2012. Experience the element of fear and terror. Strictly for 18+ Adult Rating. Developer will not be held responsible from side-effects obtained from playing the game.Jeff the Killer, brings a NEW twist to horror gaming. When a few weeks pass by of murders that are unexplainable, the killer who is unknown and ominous is still out there. When there is even a slight form of evidence discovered, a young boy states that he survived one of the killer's attacks and bravely tells his story.He now re-lives the horror and will share it with you.."Shhhhhhh, Just go to sleep.